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Introducing Firewalkers International L.L.C

Firewalkers International LLC was established in 2013 as the  newest  Air Show Pyrotechnics Team on the Air Show scene. While being a new team it's members have a long history and many years of experience providing exciting, loud, HOT and safe Pyrotechnic shows both nationally and world wide. Our team members have worked closely with some of the most exciting civilian flight demonstration teams, ground shows and Military teams from virtually every branch of the service foreign and domestic. Team members have participated in Air Shows throughout the United States and in Canada, El Salvador, UAE, China, and Australia. Each team member has gained the experience necessary to provide audiences with unforgettable, HIGH energy, brilliant day or night shows that will enhance their Air Show experience. Through the use of High explosives, flammable fuels, and fireworks the team produces stunning displays choreographed perfectly with the flight teams and ground performers with earth shaking high energy results yet in a safe and precisely controlled professional show.

Meet the Team

Richard E. "Sarge" Myers 


Rick comes to the team after retiring from the US Air Force as a Master Sergeant in 2008 with 31 years of service. Currently in addition to being the CEO/ manager of Firewalkers International.

While in the service Rick held a diverse array of positions: Munitions Maintenance-21 years  of experience in the storage, transportation, maintenance, assembly and employment of munitions and missiles in training and combat environments. Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and Emergency Destruction of Munitions team member at overseas and stateside locations. His qualifications in OSHA and Safety programs made him a key part of the Safety Team which received Weapons Safety, Missile Safety and Ground Safety Awards from the U.S. Air Force Safety Center.

Central point of contact on the air show staff for Gun Fighter Skies for air shows in 2002, 2004 2006 and 2008 seasons. He wrote the air show operating instructions for civilian performers using pyrotechnics in ground and air acts. As a member of the Air Show staff , he provided air show knowledge to staff officers for each new season.

Additional duty areas were; Aircrew Egress technician, Weapons Loader, Base Environmental Coordinator and Hazardous Materials Program manager.

Civilian back ground; Team member of Rich's Incredible Pyro since 2002. He has performed at air shows internationally and across the United States.  Part  of the ACC approved pyro teams to perform with the A-10, F-15 and F-22 Demonstration teams. Our realistic and safe explosive displays have been recognized by ICAS and other air show teams as the "Best" in the industry. He was part of the pyro team contracted to make the movie, "Fighter Pilot-Operation Red Flag" and various television episodes on the Discovery Channel and other shows.

He is an associate member of Tora,Tora,Tora and the Blastards pyro teams. Having worked with them during air shows at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, Randolph AFB Texas and other locations. Rick is currently completing his private pilot’s license with tail wheel endorsement. His other interests include power boating, flying, water and snow skiing. hunting, fishing, RVing and outdoor activities.

He has active memberships in the American Legion, VFW, AOPA, EAA, and ICAS.

David "Fricky" Fickenscher 


Dave has an extensive work history. He has spent 30 years with AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) in various roles from fleet mechanic, Fleet management, purchasing, Inventory Management, Computer programming, Systems support, Construction management in wire-line, fiber optics, electronics, wireless systems. Dave has an outstanding mechanical, electrical background and an excellent safety record. When he is not working he enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and biking

Dave began doing Air Show Pyrotechnics in 1990 with Rich's Incredible Pyro and has logged approximately 500 show days of experience. He has extensive knowledge and experience in preparation, building and shooting of all pyro displays in all conditions and is highly skilled in team organizing. He successfully ran fueling teams with volunteers in US and International air shows. Dave has done both civilian and military shows throughout the United States and International shows in Australia, Canada, China and U.A.E and on location movie special effects for IMAX Fighter Pilot at Red Flag Indian Springs NV

Dave is one of the key members of Firewalkers International. 

Tom Skrobot


Tom started doing airshow pyro with Rich's Incredible Pyro in 2001 while he was a Chief Petty Officer with the U.S. Navy Seabees. After he retired he did many more airshows. Tom started keeping records of his Air Show experience in 2006. Since then he has participated in over 70 complete airshows (over 225 show days). Tom has extensive experience is all aspects of the assembly and shooting of high explosive pyrotechnic displays. Additionally Tom has a key role in maintaining the inventory of explosive materials and his knowledge of pyrotechnic displays is a vital asset to the team.

Tom is one of the key members of Firewalkers International LLC 

Peter N.  "Animal" Squire 


Peter retired in 2003 with 27 years of experience as a Senior Probation / Parole Officer for the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections. He holds B.A. degrees in Psychology and Sociology with over 700 hours of advanced education in the Criminal Justice Field. In addition he is an accomplished carpenter, mechanic, and electrical installer. Peter began doing Air Show Pyrotechnics in the mid 1980's on a limited basis until he retired in 2003. As a member of Rich's Incredible Pyro he has worked with a variety of high explosives, flammable fuels and fireworks in order to provide exciting Air Show Pyrotechnic displays. He's participated in over 75 performances, assembling and shooting the displays in both Military and civilian shows throughout the U.S., Australia and Canada. Peter believes in providing the highest level of showmanship while practicing tested and safe methods of the use of high explosives.

His hobbies include: Pyrotechnics, Motorcycling, Sailing and while now not actively jumping, he has made over 2000 Sky Dives, competed Nationally in formation sky dives, accuracy and International Para Ski events as well as making over 200 exhibition jumps.

Peter is one of the founding members of Firewalkers International L.L.C.

Jane Skrobot

Pyro assistant

Jane is Tom's wife and an extremely vital team member in her own right. Jane has worked as a member of Rich's Incredible Pyro and continues on with Firewalkers International. She has participated in shows in the United States and abroad. She is flawless in her ability to keep track of needed materials. Jane supervises the fueling operations, filling the numerous gas bags, fixing leaking bags, assembling pyrotechnic displays and conducting quality checks of assembled displays prior to each performance.


Scott Quale

Assistant and Team Sponsor

Scott is the owner of Quale Trucking and is a Team sponsor. He holds a private pilot’s license, has three planes, a Cessna 180, a Super Cub, a Citabria and he loves to fly. After assisting at a show in 2012, Scott has developed a great interest in learning to become a Pyrotechnician. While the team greatly appreciates his sponsorship we are looking forward to his continued hands on involvement as an active member, learning the essentials to progress to become a Pyrotechnician.

Scott is one of the founding members of Firewalkers International L.L.C.


Our volunteers….

Carefully selected and trained, they provide a trained pool of experienced assistants that gives Firewalkers International the ability to provide large pyrotechnic displays. Our volunteers enable us to give you stunning day and night performances of any size

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