North America's premier pyrotechnic performers

North America's premier pyrotechnic performers

North America's premier pyrotechnic performersNorth America's premier pyrotechnic performersNorth America's premier pyrotechnic performers



The Firewalkers International Story


Firewalkers International LLC was established in 2013 as the  newest  Air Show Pyrotechnics Team on the Air Show scene. While being a new team it's members have a long history and many years of experience providing exciting, loud, HOT and safe Pyrotechnic shows both nationally and world wide. Our team members have worked closely with some of the most exciting civilian flight demonstration teams, ground shows and Military teams from virtually every branch of the service foreign and domestic. Team members have participated in Air Shows throughout the United States and in Canada, El Salvador, UAE, China, and Australia. Each team member has gained the experience necessary to provide audiences with unforgettable, HIGH energy, brilliant day or night shows that will enhance their Air Show experience. 


What We Offer

 Through the use of High explosives, flammable fuels, and fireworks the team produces stunning displays choreographed perfectly with the flight teams and ground performers with earth shaking high energy results yet in a safe and precisely controlled professional show. Book us for YOUR next air show. See our Menu page for details of the specific "shots". 


Quale Trucking


 Quale Trucking, LLC values its customers like it values its employees. They are the soul of our operation providing reliable expertise and service to the industry since 2009.  

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Pullover Prints


 Since 1982, Pullover Prints has been Boise’s premier one-stop shop for all promotional product creation! 

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Les Schwab Tires


 Les Schwab sets the standard for consistently exceptional customer service. Who else runs out to greet you at your car when you arrive? Our founder, Les Schwab, said, “Our business is earning your trust” and we like doing that as fast as we can. 


Proudly Veteran Owned and Operated Business


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