Team Biographies

Richard E. "Sarge" Myers - CEO/Pyrotechnician/Shooter-In-Charge (SIC)

Rick retired from the USAF in 2008. His background in the service was munitions (AMMO Troop), ground radar technician/supervisor at Mountain Home's extensive range complex, Base Ground Safety NCO, Base Flight Safety NCO and Base Weapons Safety NCO. He was a member of the Gun Fighter Skies Airshow staff for 5 airshows.

During that time he become an airshow performer as a pyrotechnician. He has organized and performed at air shows internationally and across the United States for the last eighteen years. Rick has done both civilian and military shows throughout the United States and International shows in Australia, El Salvador, China and on location movie special effects for IMAX-Fighter Pilot.

Rick is the owner of Firewalkers International.

Peter "Animal" Squire - Pyrotechnician

 Peter retired in 2003 with 27 years of experience as a Senior Probation / Parole Officer.  He holds B.A. degrees in Psychology and Sociology. In addition he is an accomplished carpenter, mechanic, electrical installer and sailor.
Peter began doing Air Show Pyrotechnics in the mid 1980's on a limited basis until he retired in 2003. He has worked with a variety of high explosives, gasoline and fireworks in order to provide exciting Air Show Pyrotechnic displays. He's participated in over 85 performances, assembling and shooting the displays in both Military and civilian shows throughout the U.S., Australia and Canada. Peter believes in providing the highest level of showmanship while practicing the time tested safe methods for the use of high explosives in an airshow environment. His hobbies include: Pyrotechnics, Motorcycling, Sailing and while now not actively jumping, he has made over 2000 jumps and has competed Nationally in formation sky dives, accuracy and International Para Ski events as well as making over 200 exhibition jumps.

Peter is one of the founding members of Firewalkers International L.L.C.

Scott Quale - Pyro Assistant and Team Sponsor

 Scott is the owner of Quale Trucking and is a Team sponsor. He holds a private pilot’s license, has three aircraft, a Cessna 180, a Super Cub, a Citabria and he loves to fly. After assisting at a show in 2012, Scott was hooked on airshow pyro. He is our tallest team member and loves pyro.
He is on the road to becoming a great pyrotechnician.

Scott is one of the founding members of Firewalkers International L.L.C. 

Our Volunteers

Carefully selected and trained, they provide a trained pool of experienced assistants that gives Firewalkers International the ability to provide large pyrotechnic displays. Our volunteers enable us to give you stunning day and night performances of any size